RIMS "Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics 2009"

December 7, 2009 -- December 11, 2009
The Main Auditorium, The Graduate School of Mathematical Science, University of Tokyo
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December 7 (Mon)
12:50 -- 13:00 Introduction
13:00 -- 14:00 Kenichi Bannai (Keio University)
Eisenstein classes and Katz's p-adic L-function (joint with G. Kings)
14:15 -- 15:15 Lee, Dong Uk (Korean Institute for Advanced Study)
Local monodromy of formal groups and the ordinary Hecke orbit conjecture for some unitary Shimura varieties
15:30 -- 16:30 Manabu Yoshida (Kyushu University)
Ramification of local fields and Fontaine's property (Pm)
16:45 -- 17:45 Yoichi Mieda (Kyushu University)
Nearby cycle functor for adic spaces

December 8 (Tue)
10:00 -- 11:15 Shu Kawaguchi (Osaka University)
Introduction to algebraic and arithmetic dynamics -- a survey
11:30 -- 12:30 Yu Yasufuku (City University of New York, Graduate Center)
Vojta's Conjecture and Dynamics
14:00 -- 15:00 Shun Ohkubo (University of Tokyo)
A note on Sen's theory in the imperfect residue field case
15:15 -- 16:15 Kentaro Nakamura (Keio University)
Zariski density of two dimensional cristalline representations
16:30 -- 17:30 Yoshiyasu Ozeki (Kyushu University)
Non-existence of certain Galois representations with a uniform tame inertia weight

December 9 (Wed)
10:00 -- 11:00 Fabien Trihan (University of Nottingham)
The p-parity conjecture over function fields of characteristic p>0
11:15 -- 12:15 Yasushi Komori (Nagoya University)
Functional equations for Weng's zeta functions for (G,P)
Academic lectures in commemoration of Takagi 50th anniversary
(Jointly organized with The Mathematical Society of Japan and The Graduate School of Mathematical Science, University of Tokyo)
14:00 -- 14:10 Greeting
14:15 -- 15:30 Shuji Saito (University of Tokyo)
Higher higher class field theory
15:45 -- 16:00 DVD
A Japanese mathematician of modern times with worldwide achievement- Teiji Takagi
16:15 -- 17:30 Katsuya Miyake (Waseda University)
Takagi's class field theory -- From where? and to where?
18:00 -- Conference dinner (Todai COOP 3rd Floor)

December 10 (Thu)
10:00 -- 11:15 Takashi Taniguchi (Kobe University)
Survey on "Higher composition laws"
11:30 -- 12:30 Yuji Tsuno (Chuo University)
Normal basis problem for torsors under a finite flat group scheme
14:00 -- 15:00 Takayuki Morisawa (Waseda University)
Weber's Problem in the Cyclotomic Z_3-extension of Q
15:15 -- 16:15 Satoshi Fujii (Keio University)
Generalized Greenberg's conjecture and unramified Galois groups over the cyclotomic Z_p-extensions
16:30 -- 17:30 Takashi Miura (Keio University)
The class groups for CM-fields and Stickelberger ideals

December 11 (Fri)
10:00 -- 11:15 Katsuyuki Takashima (Mitsubishi Electric)
A Survey of Cryptosystems using Pairings on Elliptic Curves
11:30 -- 12:30 Kazuo Matsuno (Tsuda College)
Computation of 2-adic Iwasawa invariants of elliptic curves and Main Conjecture
14:00 -- 15:00 Francesco Lemma (Osaka University)
A norm compatible system of Galois cohomology classes for GSp(4)
15:15 -- 16:15 Tomokazu Kashio (Kyoto University)
On the relation between p-adic multiple gamma functions and p-adic periods

Program Committee Takashi Ichikawa (Saga University) Masanari Kida (UEC) Takao Yamazaki (Tohoku University)
Academic Lectures Program Committee Yasuo Morita (Tohoku University) Takashi Ichikawa (Saga University) Takeshi Saito (University of Tokyo)

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